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You can now search for aquatic plants within our database. 91 datasheets, with pictures, are available for consultation. More species will be added in the future. With this database, you can also check if the plant you are looking for is available in store, and be aware of new arrivals. If you are looking for a plant that does not appear in the database, it will be our pleasure to study your request.

Also note that the main datasheets are currently available in French only. You can search within the English version, but full datasheets will be displayed in the French version. Most of the information is very useful even if you don’t speak French (picture, water temperature, plant and aquarium size, level of expertise, inventory, etc). You can also use an online translator for the descriptions and comments.

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Searching the Database

Quick Search
If you know the name of the plant you are looking for, you can find it quickly by typing its common or scientific name. You can also have a list of all the plants in inventory and new arrivals in just one click

Criteria Search
For a more precise search based on specific criteria, you will easily find the plant that suit your needs.

Search example:
Get a list of all the plants that correspond to your level of expertise.
Get a list of all the plants for a given type.
Get a list of all the plants which are appropriate for the dimension of your aquarium.
Make a biotope of all the plants coming from a specific geographical place by obtaining lists by areas.
Find all the plants which correspond to your lighting conditions.
Create your own combination of criteria to refine your search.

Plants in inventory
The list of plants in inventory is updated on a regular basis, but may not reflect exactly the actual inventory of the store. A plant displayed as available in the database may not be available when you visit the store, and all the plant available in store may not be entered in our database. To make sure that the plant you are looking for is available on the day you visit us, we suggest that you call us at 514-721-1949 during the opening hours (see home page).