Recommended Links   

English Websites:
Very complete website on catfishes and plecos, with datasheets and pictures. A must!
Lots of articles about African and American Cichlids written by internationally renowned specialists who share their knowledge.
A must for all Cichlids lovers! Interactive Website with articles, images and a forum.
You can contribute, read comments and look at other member's pictures of fish, plants and products. Online since 1997, more than 1500 pages!
Lots of informations about Discus.
Well documented Website about Loaches. Includes a forum, a photo index and a video gallery.
Looking for information on one fish in particular? Here's a site that offers information on more than 26,000 species!
Website that offers access to a database with information on anything related to the aquarium world.
Well documented website on goldfish and Koi by a practicing veterinarian.

French Websites:
Fishkeepers association from France. Contains a lot of informations, a forum and a chat.
Website about Cichlids. Includes date sheets, pictures and videos.
Database with a large amount of informations regarding fish-keeping.

Our Suppliers:
Water treatment products manufacturer (filter parts, fertilizers, conditioners, tests, etc.).
Aquarium, furniture and accessories manufacturer.
Filters and aquariums manufacturer.
Manufacturer and wholesaler. Wide selection of products.
High quality food manufacturer.
Italian manufacturer if interesting products (water heater, CO2 system, heating cable, etc.).
Water treatment products manufacturer (filter parts, fertilizers, conditioners, etc.).
Fish food and other fish-keeping related products manufacturer.
Importer & exporter of tropical fishes, marine fishes, aquatic plants and aquarium accessories from Singapore. Interesting for its pictures of guppies, platies, arowanas and shrimps.